America has never faced a bigger threat to its future than it does right now.


I wanted to golf…
but the current events coming out of Washington, D.C.
make it so that there are more important things for us to focus on right now…
so golf will have to wait. — SG

I’m involved in political reform movement building. I value talking with each other to find common ground and creating a shared vision for the U.S. I find the current administration to be authoritarian and lacking in experience. I worry they actually threaten our governance structure.  In fact, they have stated a desire to “deconstruct the administrative state” and the cabinet was selected to do so. I need a place where I can both express my views and offer support and encouragement for others who are not only resisting, but planning a better future. ~DM

We are just getting started so please
don’t mind the dust as we get settled into our new home.

Most importantly…

Join us as we resist. And plan.

This is an American.

“I am not going anywhere.”